50 sales tips you may have forgotten


Listen more than you talk

Know the customer

Use a firm handshake

Make good eye contact

Know your product/service

Strive for solutions

Become a resource

Don’t burn bridges

Take deep breaths

Follow up

Act professionally always

Tell the truth

Practice patience

Stay in shape

Use breath mints liberally

Note notes

Be 2 minutes early for appointments

Remember names

Dress appropriately

Show respect

Turn your phone, computer, tablet and watch off during meetings

Refrain from denigrating competitors

Eliminate off color jokes and inappropriate gestures

Loose 4-letter words

Proof read everything – twice

Do your research

Master small talk

Strive to be interesting

Learn to tell great stories

Be yourself

Eat breakfast

Play fair or don’t play at all

Learn empathy…not sympathy

Earn trust

Build a strong personal brand

Give back

Keep a positive attitude

Mentor others



Stand up straight

Set an example

Commit to continuous learning

Surround yourself with brilliant people

Share the spotlight

DO something spectacular for your clients

Avoid gossip

Retain your sense of humor

Listen for needs

Know yourself










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