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This is the era of the product and YOU are the product!

Do you realize that there are now five generations in the workplace?  Many times boomers are vying for positions with much younger applicants.  We need an edge.  We need to brand and market ourselves more confidently.  That’s where “YOU are the product” concept comes in   To understand and believe that you are the product and an asset in today’s marketplace puts you in a very powerful place.  Being powerful gives you an advantage.  Here are three ways to capitalize on your newfound power:

Know your features & benefits

Every product has features and benefits and so do you.  Let’s say that you’re very organized.  That’s a feature.  The benefit is that you save time because you know where things are and you don’t waste time looking for them.  Another feature may be that you communicate well.  The benefit is that information is disseminated correctly without misunderstandings so you save time and money.

Brand yourself online

Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube and blogging are excellent channels to use to develop a strong personal brand.   Take an inventory of your features and benefits.  Decide how you want to be perceived in the marketplace i.e. professional, leader, entrepreneur, risk taker, innovator, etc.  Invest in a professional headshot, write a short, interesting bio for yourself and start posting online.

Become a trusted resource

Build your reputation by helping others.  Become a resource for them.  Help them connect with people who can help them succeed.  Business today is build more than ever on relationships.  Being known as someone who specializes in helping build relationships adds to your value and strengthens your network as well.


So, make 2014 your year….YOU are the product and YOU are valuable!




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