7 Business Misconceptions

  1. Business is cut throat – Certain segments of business have a reputation for being cut throat because of fierce competition and razor-sharp profit margins.  When you have both of these converging on your business, you have two choices.  You can become part of the frenzy or you can make these forces work for you in a positive way.  Competition keeps you from getting stale.  Tight profit margins enable you to run a very efficient business.
  2. Business is mean spirited – People are mean spirited and because they are so are they businesses.  My rule is” “I don’t work with nasty people or stupid people”Businessman with Bullhorn
  3. Business is only for insanely driven people – Another way to describe insanely driven people is “very focused”.    Focused business people clearly see the end result of their efforts and they have enough common sense to adjust when they need to be flexible.
  4. You have to be young to be in business today – No you don’t!  Good business is a mix of young, mature, smart, fun, creative, open, energetic, professional, brilliant, experienced, new thinking, edgy, funky,  formal, traditional, female, male, tall, tiny, many colors, diverse as ever.
  5. Don’t trust anyone in business – It’ll be very lonely for you if you keep this belief going.  Trust your instincts and your gut.  They never lie and it’s their job to keep you out of trouble.  Learn to trust yourself first and others….you’ll be fine.
  6. Everybody’s on their own in business – No way!  Strategic alliances and partnerships are more important than ever.  AND, it’s more fun to join with others who add more depth to your business.
  7. It’s all about money in business – Nope!  It’s all about fun.  If you don’t have fun in your business, you’re in the wrong place.  Clients are drawn to businesses where the atmosphere is cheery, non-threatening and happy.  Don’t take it all so seriously….you’re scaring your clients and prospects away.

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