“Jan Marino hit a bull’s-eye with  amazing “state of art” concepts  that will aid the job seeker  in their next career with less frustration and more results. She wonderfully sets the strategic process which clearly demonstrates the importance of being a competitor, having the proper written plan of attack, and the faith that will make one win in the game played.  My overview  of Jan’s message is “don’t wish the search process was easier but that you were better”.  In my 40 years of experience in the search and recruiting industry, this is one of the few books that I am strongly recommending to all in the search process.”

—Greg Laka, Founder of Laka & Co.

“In order to success in today’s business environment you must re-invent yourself, possibly multiple times in a business lifetime. Jan does a wonderful job of articulating a clear and succinct process to do that and more! I could easily relate to her own personal stories and examples as well as her “Game On!” metaphor. I would not only recommend you read the book, but spend a few minutes with Jan herself to hear firsthand how to create your brand that works. You’ll be glad you did!”

—Rich Lochner, Founder – RPC Leadership Associates, Inc.

“Having been laid off, I know what it’s like to face an uncertain future in an ever-evolving job market. Thankfully, I’ve learned how to the play the ‘new game’ and have landed on my feet. Marino’s advice is right on when it comes to finding a new job and making sure you are prepared in case the axe falls again. I only wish she had written this book a few years ago; it would have saved me several months of frustration!”
“Marino has covered all the bases when it comes to navigating the modern job market. The old ways of searching and networking just don’t work anymore. This succinct, value-packed book will save job seekers lots of time and frustration.”

—Alex Mitchell, Acquisitions Editor, Publications International

“Jan is an absolutely wonderful ally for anyone to have in their job-search arsenal. In addition to being a warm, caring individual with a vibrant personality, Jan is a master at helping anyone articulate his/her brand. Speaking from personal experience, she helped me uncover who I am and–more importantly–develop ways in which I can communicate my brand to the world. She has taught me that it’s OK to proclaim my accomplishments with pride, and she has helped me raise my confidence in my abilities immensely. She is truly one of a kind, and I highly recommend Jan to anyone seeking the support that is so critical in searching for a job. Whether the job search is active or passive, 2 days or 2 years old…Jan can help set anyone on the right course.”

—Orin Albrecht, Market Planner–Midwest at Dunkin’ Brands